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Arcade 92 McKinney, Retro Arcade, Bar + Kitchen

Request your event!

Please read the event planning FAQs below before submitting your event request!

What type of event are you planning?

*Dates and times subject to availability.

Thanks for reaching out! We will do our best to get back to you within 1-2 business days!


**On Fridays and Saturdays the Arcade is guests 18+ starting at 9pm. 

Please plan accordingly if you have guests in your party under 18.**

Do I have to make a reservation for my group?

If your group does not need a table, you are welcome to come to the arcade without a reservation. If your group will need a table, then a reservation is required. There may be a table reservation fee based on the type of your group/event. Please contact our party planner to get more details. For groups entering as "walk-ins", you may be subject to a table reservation fee.


Does everyone have to pay admission even if they are not playing the games?


EVERYONE must pay admission that is STAYING at the arcade. This includes members of your group that indicate they are not going to play. 


Can I bring cake (or similar to cake)? 


A table reservation is required if you bring in a cake (or similar) and/or any decorations. We are okay with you bringing cake or similar but this is a grey area with the McKinney health code. You can help us out if you bring disposable plates and forks as we can not give you any utensils from our kitchen. We can not store your cake in our refrigerator. 


Is Gratuity included in the price?


Gratuity is NOT included in the prices listed. Please consider leaving a 15% or greater gratuity for your hard working bartender, servers, and arcade attendants after your stay at Arcade 92.  


How do I check in when I get to the Arcade? 


As a host, please arrive to the arcade about 15 minutes minimum before the start of your party. Decide ahead of time if you want all your guests on one tab or if you want each to pay individually as they enter. Please inform the person checking you in of your preferences. 


Can I bring decorations? 


Yes but decorations will be limited to your table space. Please remove all decorations when the reserved time at your table is complete. There is a $100 cleaning fee for any decorations left at the arcade. A reservation is required to bring in decorations. 


How long can we stay at the Arcade? 


You can stay at the Arcade as long as you would like but your table reservation is only limited based on your type of reservation. Your group is welcome to use open table(s) to eat if you ordered food at the arcade but to clear that table as soon as possible for the other guests at the Arcade.   


When do I need to place my Pizza/Food order? 


If you are ordering pizza or other food from our kitchen, please place your order as soon as you arrive. We are first an arcade and second a restaurant. It is unlikely all your food order will come out at the same time if you order more than a few items.


Can I bring in my own food or drinks? 


Besides the previously mentioned exception of cake, no food or beverages can be brought into the arcade unless it is being brought in with a separate catering license which needs to be sent to Arcade 92 before your party date. 


A special consideration for guests under 15.


While Arcade 92 has 100+ video games to play, we have about 16 modern esports (Nintendo, Xbox, Playstation) that tend to be very popular. Please inform your guests to occupy an eSports recliner for 1 hour max in a single esports recliner. We book our groups with a 2 hour gap apart so this shouldn’t be an issue but we are unable to regulate walk in traffic. Arcade 92 has free-play pinball at Arcade 92. If you have any guests in your group under 15, an adult must accompany the child while playing the pinball machine. Young children tend to press the flipper buttons at a continuous rapid pace which causes damages to the pinball machines and has been known to cause a pinball machine to catch fire.  


**On Fridays and Saturdays the Arcade is guests 18+ starting at 9pm. 
Please plan accordingly if you have guests in your party under 18.**

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